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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: BUDDY Model Number: Vivi Nova
Item: Vivi Nova Properties: E-cigarette Type: Vivi Nova Mini
Electronic Cigarette Diameter: 20mm Length: 155mm, 170mm, 185mm Piece Weight: 128g
Vivi Tank: 39.2g Certificate: CE, ROHS, FDA, FCC, SGS OEM/ODM: Yes
Shipping Ways: EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Neutral and Gift Package; Customized Logo, Package, OEM/ODM are Provided.
Delivery Detail: 2~5 Days after Payment

Zmax Ecig
1.Flexible Batteries Pole
2.Difference Resistance
3.Variable Voltage 3.5~4.1v
4Hold 3.5ml Vivi nova tank

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VIVI NOVA E-cigarette
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LED Manual Switch Button
New 2013 Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer
Changeable System

Vivi Nova Vision Vivi Nova Parameters
Vivi Nova Length 155mm/170mm/185mm
Vivi Nova Set Diameter 20 mm
Weight of Single Ecig 128g
Weight of Set 302g
Vivi Tank Capacity 3.5g
Each tank equals cigarettes 65pcs
Vivi Nova Battery Capacity Content of battery: 600mAh
Variable Voltage Working Voltage: 3.3~4.2V
Full Battery Capacity Full Battery can keep for: 700 Puffs
Life of Battery More Than 300-time Recharges

1. Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer: 1pcs.
2. Battery Holder: 1pc.
3. Battery: 1pc
4. Charger: 1pc.
5. Heating Head 2pcs
6. Instruction Manual: 1pc.
7. Certificate of Approval: 1pc
8. Package Box: External Cover 1pc, Charger Box 1pc, Gift Box 1pc

VIVI NOVA E-cigarette Description
1) Voltage-change Function: press five times within two seconds,
the working voltage will change with different LED colors to indicate:
Blue for 3.5 V, Green for 3.7V, Yellow for 3.9V, Red for 4.1V.

2) The LED light will be turned on when you are inhaling, and vapor will be produced;
any continuous inhaling over 15 seconds, the LED will flash 10 times then the system is locked provisionally.
Press the button five times within three seconds to unlock the system.

3) When the electronic cigarette is not in use, it keeps in standby mode.

4) When the voltage is lower than 3.4 V, the low-voltage-alarm function starts,
with the light keeps flashing 10 times with frequency of 1 Hz, reminds customers to charge the battery.

5) USB charging process: Connect the adapter through USB, charge indicator light will change from green to red,
when the charge is complete, the indicator light will turn green again.
Passed Special Test
1) Simulated 3000m Altitude Air-pressure Test;
2) -20°C – +60°C Temperature Testing;
3) Salt Spray Test
4) Appearance Test (wear-resistant, alcohol, sweat, hardness, adhesion, etc.)
5) Functional Test (vapor amount, suction, return of e-liquid, leakage, battery capacity,
battery resistance, short circuit protection, etc.)
6) Life Test (puffs, battery self-discharge, negative pressure leakage, etc.)
7) Simulated Transport Drop Test, Vibration Test, Soake Test.

(1) A Large-capacity E-cigarette
Large capacity of 600mAh battery providing a long-time usage,
each tank with full-filling can supply 1000 puffs.

(2) A Reliable E-cigarette
Clear tankomizer system with high quality and without any leakage

(3) A Safe E-cigarette
Safety protection function: Pause automatically when an inhale action continues too long.

(4) An Advanced E-cigarette
Voltage-change Function: From 3.5V to 4.1V, with different vapor volume.

(5) A Fresh E-cigarette
Helps you enjoy a health smoking feeling.

(6) An Excellent OEM/ODM Supplier
We do provide OEM/ODM services.

(7) A Senior E-cigarette Manufactory
Advanced technology, best quality-control, abundant supply ability.
Advantages of VIVI NOVA Electronic Cigarette
1) The battery pole can be extended to fit different length of batteries,
recommended models: 14500, 14650, and 16340 etc.
2) The battery pole/tankomizer can match other models each other such as EGO, BUD, CE4, CE7.
3) Two extra heating heads are provided; it is convenient to change the heating head by
removing the cap of the tankomizer.
4) Variable voltage from 3.5-4.1V.
5) 3.5ml large tank capacity; No burning smell; Large battery capacity; More puffs.
6) Compare with similar products: Stable Quality, Pure Flavor.
EXPRESS: around 5-7 working days to arrive
INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: around 2-4 weeks to arrive
Credit Card
Wire Transfer
West Union

Buddy’s Edges
(1) OEM and ODM Services.
(2) Food-class Safety.
(3) CE, ROHS, SGS, FCC, FDA Certificates.
(4) More Than 600 Employees.
(5) 5-year E-cigarettes Manufacture Experiences.
(6) Export to More Than 60 Countries.
(7) Quick Delivery.
(8) Prompt Reply
(9) Experienced Service Team.

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